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ViBeat Dance at School

A Place to Express Yourself Through Dance


ViBeat at School

Calling all teachers! We now teach Bollywood and Indian Classical dance sessions in schools.

ViBeat at School

Calling all teachers! We now teach Indian Classical dance sessions in schools.

ViBeat at School is a great opportunity for kids and teens to have fun, learn something new, and get moving in a way that shakes up the everyday school routine. We offer a large selection of dance styles and our choreography is taught in an upbeat and enthusiastic manner. 

The syllabus can be customized to your students’ needs.  Workshops can accommodate various size groups and student ages. A typical workshop runs 4 hours plus.  

We have had the privilege of working with many local schools including:


  • Beachville Lakeside Timberlea Junior Elementary school

  • North River Elementary School

  • Memorial High School Sydney

  • Basinview Drive Elementary school

  • Rockingham School

  • Dartmouth High

  • Halifax Independent School

  • Gorsebrook Junior High

  • Citadel High School

  • Millwood High School

  • Shambhala High School

  • Island View High School


Many of these schools have been able to benefit from subsidies from PERFORM!





“I have the joy and privilege of working with ViBeat Dance Studio in my role as a Fine Arts Specialist in schools. Darshini Shah and I collaborated to bring Classical Indian Dance into Dance 11 classrooms using online instruction. Darshini Shah is always prepared, responsive and kind. Students and staff have remarked how much fun it is to learn some of the history and language of another culture through its dance.”


Aren Morris

Fine Arts specialist (Drama/ Dance/Movement) at Halifax Regional Centre for Education


Interested in bringing a ViBeat Workshop to your school?


Why consider a Vibeat Workshop?


Helps engage ALL learners to get active and participate


Develops Fundamental Movement Skills

Supports the various domains of Physical Literacy (physical, cognitive, social)

Allows teachers to assess Physical Education and Dance learning outcomes

Fosters positivity and playfulness in learners

Physical Literacy



Diverse and Inclusive

Creates space for learning about different cultures and the connections among cultures

Fun wih Props

Teaches students how to use different props as dance tools

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