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About ViBeat Dance

A Place to Express Yourself Through Dance

When I was a girl

Long before YouTube videos and TikTok reels were a thing, I learned to dance to the music my father played in our family living room in India. I was fascinated by the movement and how combining it with the music made me feel. At age 9, my mother enrolled me in dance classes and I was hooked.


I’m Darshini – a soulful and energetic Indian dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a passion for movement and a love for sharing Indian dance with my students. My dance studio, ViBeat Dance, helps people of all ages tune into their body and express themselves through dance. I’ve been personally dancing, teaching, and engaging in the dance community for over 15 years – which has taught me just how important it is to be in touch with what lights you up in life.


As I got older

My love for dance blossomed as I took classes and began performing at my school. Eventually, I taught and choreographed dances for my peers to perform in front of school audiences. I felt the joy of sharing my passion with other dancers and the electric energy of performing before a large audience. 


 Entering the world of dance & music

This led me to pursue Visharad (a Bachelor’s degree in Dance) in Bharatnatyam, Indian Classical Dance, at the Madhurjyoti Nartan Academy in 1994. I went on to receive a Vani Certificate to be a registered radio artist in 2003 from All India Radio. This experience with and connection to music would later help me to be more creative in my dances since music and dance are so intricately related. I then got a Certificate in Bollywood dance from Noopur Dance Classes in 2009. All the while I continued to teach, choreograph, perform, and educate others on the history of Indian Dance.

Major life changes

I eventually got married and we had 2 children in India before moving to Toronto, Canada, in 2010. While I continued to train people and perform in various settings during my time in Toronto, I started my full-fledged professional dance career when we moved to Nova Scotia in 2015. It was here that I reignited my love for live performance and had many opportunities that motivated me to adopt this as a full-time profession. I’ve been so fortunate to be involved in introducing this professional level to Halifax and have been blessed to perform both on my own and with fellow dancers at many events.


Dance is the main catalyst for positive change in my life.

Around the same time, I launched my studio, ViBeat Dance, and began teaching various classes for students of all ages. It is an extension of me, Darshini Shah. It is my happy place and a welcoming environment for all ages, races, beliefs, and abilities. Dance is for everyone and instils self-confidence that not many other mediums can do. At ViBeat Dance, we teach Indian Dances, such as Indian Classical (Bharatnatyam), Folk (Garba, Raas, Ghoomar, Bhangra and Giddha) and Bollywood, and perform regularly at local events and celebrations.

I want to preserve the goodness of the Indian culture that I carry while also spreading positive messages and happiness to others.


As my studio continues to grow, so too do my connections in the Halifax community. My #teamvibeat and I perform at local events, festivals, celebrations, and functions at venues like Pier 21. Recently, I’ve been involved in teaching classes and developing curriculum within HRM schools. I’m also a member of Dance Nova Scotia, Perform Nova Scotia, and was a member of the steering committee for the Fuse Festival in 2017, and was recently awarded an Arts Nova Scotia Grant for Creation. This grant recognized my work and has supported me in the creation of a newly choreographed dance.

Fast forward to now (with a lot of detours in between), here I am, relaunching my dance classes in a new format at a new space - Halifax Dance - and living my version of a life dedicated to movement, art, and connection while encouraging others to feel empowered enough to do the same.

I feel fortunate to have found my passion and purpose at such a young age. Every time I perform and teach, my soul feels rejuvenated. I am so much happier when I dance and am present within my body. I’m able to enjoy life more and have better relationships with my family & friends as a result. And I can only hope others will experience the same benefits, too.


Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please get in touch if you are curious about Indian Dance, interested in attending a class, or would like to book me perform at your next event. I’m always happy to connect! 

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